Learner Development Journal Editorial Staff

The Journal Steering Group

The Journal Steering Group consists of a minimum of three members of the Learner Development SIG committee who monitor the practice, process, and production of each issue of the Journal. Membership of the Steering Group will change periodically as new people become involved in running the Journal.

Journal Steering Group current members (November 2019 – present): Alison Stewart, Dominic Edsall, Tim Ashwell

Journal Steering Group current members (December 2017 – December 2019): Alison Stewart, Darren Elliott, Tim Ashwell

Journal Steering Group founding members (January 2015 – October 2017): Alison Stewart, Andy Barfield, Tim Ashwell

Review Network Members

Once papers have been developed between co-editors and writers, they will be passed on to a Review Network for feedback. The Review Network consists of Learner Development SIG members who are both interested in learner development issues in second language education and experienced in providing constructive and supportive feedback to writers. In addition to a core group of individuals, reviewers from outside the SIG may be invited to join the Review Network for a particular issue of the journal. Membership of the Review Network will change periodically as new people become involved in providing feedback to writers.

Updated August 2018

Thomas Bieri

Alice Chik

Michelle Golledge

Sabine Little

Fumiko Murase

Hugh Nicoll

Ted O’ Neill

Colin Rundle

Akiko Takagi

Katherine Thornton

Chika Hayashi is also a member of the Review Network but, as an editor for Issue 2, steps back temporarily from the RN.

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Malcolm Swanson

Website Management

Darren Elliott