Issue Four – Exploring the Supervision Process Across Diverse Contexts: Collaborative Approaches (2020)

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Sabine Little & Michelle Golledge

2 – 5
Multilingual and Multicultural Supervision Meetings: The Case of a Deaf Supervisor
and Hearing Postgraduate Researcher

Victoria Crawley & Dai O’Brien,

6 – 19
Decentered Doctoral Pedagogy:
A Co-autoethnography of Collaboration and Critical, Agentive Induction

David Hyatt & Sally Hayes

20 – 31
A Narrative Inquiry into Language Accent Trauma in a Master’s Thesis Supervision

Ken Ikeda & Sumire Shiba

32 – 46
Adventures of an Academic Pioneer: Getting Through the Ethics Review
in a Foreign Land

Stachus Peter Tu & Jim Ronald

47 – 61
A Student and Teacher Supervising a Student and Teacher: Examining the Trajectory
of a TESOL Master’s Dissertation

Theron Muller & Tracy-ann Tsuruoka
62 – 75
Review of “Experiencing Master’s Supervision: Perspectives of International Students
and Their Supervisors” by Nigel Harwood and Bojana Petrić

Jang Yuan Chao
76 – 78
Reflecting on the Supervision Process across Diverse Contexts and in Our Own
Alison Stewart with Mao Goto and Zhou Xiaotong
79 – 84