Issue Two – Qualitative Research and Learner Development (2018)

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Qualitative Research and Learner Development

Masuko Miyahara, Patrick Kiernan & Chika Hayashi

 2 – 6
Researching the Relationship of Learner Emotion to Language Learning: Issues and Challenges

Nicole Gallagher

7 – 19
Serious Leisure: A Diary Study of Self-directed Learning and Motivation in Eikawa

Daniel Hooper

 20 – 40
Exploring the Role of Advisors in English Learning Advisory Sessions

Ryo Moriya

 41 – 61
Exploring the Development of Learner Autonomy from a Postmodern and Social Constructivist Perspective: Prioritising Voices

Christine O’Leary

62 – 84
Qualitative Research Methods in Second Language Learning: Review and Evaluation

Clare F. Kaneko

 85 – 99
Storytelling for Learning and Healing: Parallel Narrative Inquiries in Language Counselling

Leena Karlsson & Fergal Bradley

 100 – 116
TEN Qualitative Research Dilemmas and What to Do About Them

Gary Barkhuizen

 117 – 128