Issue Three – Learner Identities and Transitions (2019)


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LDJ 1.3 Table of Contents Page Numbers
Learner Identity and Transitions

Christina Gkonou, Yoshio Nakai & Jim Ronald

3 – 7
In the Midst of Emotion and Identity: Investigating Trajectories of Learners’ Self-Esteem From Psychological and Sociocultural Perspectives

Ryo Moriya & Ami Ishizuka

8 – 25
Shifting Identities in a Social Learning Space

Daniel Hooper, Jo Mynard, Ross Sampson & Phillip Taw

26 – 43
Classroom-Based Independent Study and Learner Identity

Caroline Hutchinson

44 – 59
“Personally, I don’t like the whole interactioning thing”: Is a Classroom as a Community of Practice for Everyone?

Takuya Kojima & Chihiro Thomson

60 – 78
Narratives in L2 Learner Identity Development

Paula Kalaja & Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty

79 – 95
The Hall of Mirrors: Examining the Interplay of Researcher and Learner Identities in Narrative Studies

Masuko Miyahara

96 – 109
Exploring Identity Conflict in Learners’ Linguistic Repertoires: Portraits, Stories, Poems, and Issues

Andy Barfield

110 – 133
British University Students Studying Abroad in Japan: L2 Japanese Learners’ Multilingual Selves Captured by Language Portraits

Noriko Iwasaki

134 – 150
Transitional Self in Study Abroad: An Analysis of a Japanese Female Student’s Positioning in Narratives

Kie Yamamoto

151 – 168
On the Relationship Between Identities, Beliefs, and Emotions of Language Learners, Teachers and Researchers

Ana Maria Ferreira Barcelo

169 – 172