Timeline for an Issue of the Learner Development Journal

The editors work to bring together a group of authors for the issue in a community of research and writing practice. Editors and authors collaborate for about 18 months in total, following an overall timeline like this:

Year Period Stage Who / Role Collaborative Process
YEAR 1 July-September  ONE Co-editors  Draft and develop a Call for Proposals/ Contributions / CfP/C (articles, interviews, book reviews and so on)
YEAR 2 October-January TWO Potential contributors CfP/C sent out to various lists (co-editors may respond to inquiries and give feedback on draft proposals)
YEAR 2 February THREE Co-editors Review of proposals and selection
YEAR 2 March – April FOUR Contributor to contributor  / Editors to contributors Research development: Puzzles, questions, outlines, plans, ideas
YEAR 2 July – September FIVE Contributor to contributor  Peer sharing and feedback on complete first drafts
YEAR 2 October – November SIX Review Network to contributors * Reviewer feedback (with possible assistance from editors) on first drafts
YEAR 2- YEAR 3 December-February SEVEN Editors to contributors Editor feedback and re-drafting (with possible assistance from reviewers; could involve multiple revised drafts)
YEAR 3 March EIGHT Contributors to editors Final draft
YEAR 3 April-July NINE (a) Editors & Review Network Proofreading; finalisation of abstracts in English and Japanese; key words
(b) Editors Writing introduction piece
(c) Guest expert(s) Writing closing commentary
[(d) Book reviewers Writing relevant reviews]
YEAR 3 July-September TEN Design and layout team Finalisation for publication
YEAR 3 October ELEVEN Website team Publication